[OWASP-GUIDE] Going on with the Guide

Andrew van der Stock avanderstock at b-sec.com
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I'd suggest using the nightly build process through CVS check-ins, so people
can contribute (or edit) after reviewing the changes in the nightly build

One change I'd like to see is more information regarding *how to fix* rather
than just the why and how to exploit the problem. For example, it's fine to
say force your web server to assert a locale, but how to do this on a sample
web server or two would be good. As it's an open project, probably choosing
Apache (web server) and Tomcat (JSP servlet engine) as the examples would be
a good idea. Someone with enough interest could later theoretically produce
"productized" versions for IIS / ASP.NET or for PHP. 


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Hey list

It was lately very silent concerning the Guide and it's next version.
Therefore I recently was in contact with Mark proposing him my idea of the
future way to go and we decided, that I take over the further development
of the guide.

We decided that I take over control of the Guide as a one man show with
the idea to take contributions when they are coming in.

I am now updating the Guide's structure and bring the project back to
life. I therefore will let you know more infos when they are ready.

Best regards,

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