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I structured the topten docbook (now in CVS) a lot like the guide, so you may want to use the same scheme there.  Or let me know what you're planning, and I'll do it to the topten too.

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  I am sure thats fine. 

  As you know I have been moving so been out of the loop but when my computers finally arrive (next week) I will take a few days off work and help close out the guide. 

  For everyone else the date has been pushed back slightly to the 19th to co-incide with an important project that we are going to announce. This will be accompanied by official press releases etc.

  I think for the OWASP portal we would want to have the old version 1.1.1 Guide visible and the development version 2 linked in as well. I would suggest we update version 2.0 weekly from the CVS until we are ready to say its released.

  Does this seem reasonable ?

  ---- David Raphael <david.raphael at ceterum.net> wrote:
  > Hi Mark,
  > Is there anyway we can add an id attribute to the chapters of the 
  > guide?  This will allow me to autogenerate the JSP and XML definitions 
  > using Stylesheet params.  Currently you have the label attribute...we 
  > could just add the id tag.  The id tag would be used as part of the key 
  > for the cache.  It won't change the order or anything like that.
  > /d

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