[OWASP-GUIDE] Guide V2 - A time for motivating forces

Gene McKenna mckenna at bluedot.com
Sat Mar 22 16:19:58 EST 2003

What follows below is a status of progress on all the projects in v1.2 of
the GUIDE, and a short motivational speech by yours truly. Mind you, I only
completed my task a few days ago, so don't take this without the appropriate
grains of salt.

Motivational Speech:

	I am buying the first round of drinks on Wed Apr 9th, 6:00 pm
	at the Chieftain pub, 5th and Howard, San Francisco, CA
	for anyone whose tasks are at 100% (I'd set the date
	a week earlier, but I'm out of town for the next 2 weeks).
	If your tasks aren't at 100%, please come and buy the
	second round of drinks. :)


	Percent Complete	Summary
	100%	P3P
	80%	.NET passport
	100%	SAML
	100%	Code Examples in Java
	90%	PHP Language Security
	100%	XML Security
	100%	WS-Security
	100%	Re-write Chapter 10
	100%	Re-write Common Security Problems
	100%	Java Language Security
	100%	Application Architectures
	0%	J2EE Security Framework
	0%	Re-write Chapter 2
	0%	Developments Methodologies and Security in project lifecycle
	0%	Re-write Chapter 9
	0%	Re-write Chapter 8
	0%	Re-Write Chapter 3
	0%	.NET Security Framework
	0%	Enhance password recovery section
	0%	Overhaul Chapter 13
	0%	Overhaul Session Managemnt Chapter
	0%	Create better looking diagram images
	0%	SOAP
	0%	merge suggested changes to v1.1 from various sources
	0%	Liberty
	100%	Re-write Chapter 1


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