[OWASP-GUIDE] Docbook Layout

Adrian Wiesmann awiesmann at swordlord.org
Sun Mar 16 11:23:27 EST 2003

> Check what tasks have and haven't been committed. You and Ray have Admin
> in the task manager.

OK, very good, will look into this in a few hours (it is evening over here
so I will start at around 9 pm GMT).

> The tasks that were not done, we re-assign (I am travelling next week so
> have every evening to help so assign whatever you want to me). 

I (or Ray) will post a list to this maillist, so everyone can grab whats
available :)

> We then need to tidy up the book including building a cover, ensure all
> authors are properly credited and the original ones reviewed (not all
> those named wrote stuff!).

Hmm very important for me: Can we somewhere make a list with ideas and
content which will be added in the next version? I do have some few ideas
which I would hate to forget till the next version...

> We then all proof read chapter by chapter and note images that we will
> get No Starch Press to do professionally. 

The same as above: Can we somewhere share a list? Most probably in the SF

> I am not sure if anyone has the time to write a script to build the
> latest CVS version into a pdf each night using FOP and ftp it to
> somewhere we can all get to it. Proof reading XML is never easy ;-)

I could share some computers/servers to let it run. Otherwise I could do
it by hand every day before work. Which would be somewhere in the night
for you most probably :)


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