[OWASP-GUIDE] Docbook Layout

Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Sat Mar 15 12:00:50 EST 2003

I think this;

Check what tasks have and haven't been committed. You and Ray have Admin
in the task manager.

The tasks that were not done, we re-assign (I am travelling next week so
have every evening to help so assign whatever you want to me). 

I didn't see any major issues with the flow proposed although little
discussion is often not a good thing.

We then need to tidy up the book including building a cover, ensure all
authors are properly credited and the original ones reviewed (not all
those named wrote stuff!).

We then all proof read chapter by chapter and note images that we will
get No Starch Press to do professionally. 

We then hand over the first draft to No Starch Press for review and

I am not sure if anyone has the time to write a script to build the
latest CVS version into a pdf each night using FOP and ftp it to
somewhere we can all get to it. Proof reading XML is never easy ;-)

Is that in-line with everyone else ?

On Sat, 2003-03-15 at 06:57, Adrian Wiesmann wrote:
> So how are things now? What has to be done? What has to be done via this
> list, what is "homework"? Things get a bit fuzzy for me lately :)
> Regards,
> Adrian
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