[OWASP-GUIDE] Meeting Suggestion - OWASP Con - Provisional Sept 2003

Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Tue Jan 28 22:26:30 EST 2003


As the Guide will be published and the OWASP Foundation will get the
royalties, what I suggest is as follows; 

We do need to set some money aside for the creation of the OWASP
Foundation and to cover the escalating hosting charges (it costs me on
average $200 a month in charges today). Apart from that I think ALL book
proceeds should go towards paying (or heavily subsidizing) for the
authors of the Guide to meet in a pleasant location (maybe Vegas) for
some beer and conversation (read party). Clearly well have to be cheap
with the number of authors but we ought to be able to stretch it. I have
been accused of being cheap on many occasions ;-)

We could aim to do a 2 day OWASP Convention towards the end of the
summer if that works, where we can plan version 3 and beyond.

We can also aim to include the OWASP Leaders team (I'll have to find the
money for that from somewhere else) to map out our long term direction
and plans, and anyone else who wants to pay for themselves.

This seems like the best approach although obviously depends on book

I know personally I really want to meet people in person.


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