[OWASP-GUIDE] Get together?

Christopher Todd chris at christophertodd.com
Tue Jan 28 17:46:18 EST 2003

My parents live in Sonoma, and I will likely be visiting them in June, and
it would be great to get together with any Bay Area OWASPers then.


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> Alex Russell and I were chatting late the other night
> and talking about having a get together in the SF
> area.
> As open source projects only work because of individual
> motivation and peer pressure, it might be a good way
> to inspire us to complete some of these things, and
> facilitate some idea exchange in a more dynamic way.
> There are good conversations that are happening in just
> an email stream here and if you aren't around when the
> emails go by, you can miss out. Plus we can add "beer
> pressure" to peer pressure.
> Alex lives in Wisconsin, but visits SF regularly. I
> think many of the rest of us out there are in the bay
> area, though I'm sure some aren't.
> For those who are, is anyone interested?
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