[OWASP-GUIDE] Guide Chapter 10 Thoughts

Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Tue Jan 28 16:10:37 EST 2003

On Tuesday 28 January 2003 13:45, Christopher Todd wrote:
> Alex,
> Great ideas about chap 10 and 11, but they'll be a lot of work.  Can we
> fit them in for v2, or should we put them off for v2.1 or 3?

I know I'm probably going to earn Mark's ire at this, but I'm a "when it's 
ready, and not a second before" kinda guy. We only get so many shots before  
people reading/using our stuff decide to walk away and find something more 
useful, and I say make every one of those count.

The release-early, release-often thing works pretty well among a tight knit 
group of early adopters and testers, but for projects like the Guide, I'm 
more cautious. I say we get what we think we need in now and hold off on 
new content if that's what it takes to get what we've currently got into 

Mark? Care to blast a hole through my viewpoint? = )

Alex Russell
alex at netWindows.org
alex at SecurePipe.com

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