[OWASP-GUIDE] per-chapter attribution

Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Mon Jan 27 12:42:49 EST 2003

Hey all, I'm going to be pushing hard in the next week to get authorship 
information added to each chapter file. To that end, here's a quick example 
of how to add your authorship information to a chapter.

Many chapters do not currently have <chapterinfo> sections. In order to add 
authorship information, one should create a <chapterinfo> block directly 
after the opening <chapter> tag.

After verifying that a chapterinfo block is in place, an author should 
ensure that an <authorgroup> section is created underneath it. In the 
<authorgroup> block, authors should add an <author> tag and fill in it's 
children with the relevant information.

Information about the listed tags can be found at:

Here's an example for a theoretical chapter that I might author:

<!-- $Id$ -->
<chapter label="foo">
				<email>alex at netWindows.org</email>

Editors will add their own information to these tags when they have reviewed 
each chapter (via the <editor> tag).

If you know someone who authored a chapter but is no longer involved with 
the project, we really need any information you can provide about his/her 

Thank you.

Alex Russell
alex at netWindows.org
alex at SecurePipe.com

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