[OWASP-GUIDE] Official OWASP Books - No Starch Press

Adrian Wiesmann awiesmann at swordlord.org
Fri Jan 17 13:10:04 EST 2003

Heya Mark

First of all: Woaw, not bad!

This is really what I find fascinating about the Open Source (well kind of
open source, since we talk about text only) phenomenon. People do things
they think are important or which they need. When they produce something
valuable and with the right timing they get possibilities which one would
never have thought of.

What I especially like to hear is that they try to cooperate and not to
rip off, what is kind of seldom nowadays.

Side note: Did you know that there is an O'Reilly Book about Richard
Stallman which is published under the GNU Free Document Licence?

> Everyone who contributes will be clearly marked as official authors. No
> Starch will pay a royalty of between 10 and 15% (to be finalized) to the
> non-profit OWASP Foundation that I am going to be setting up. That will
> pay for hosting, servers and moving forward give aways and maybe
> conference travel for OWASP presenters. There will be a legal charter
> governing what the OWASP foundation can and can't do. 

It's off topic, but I would be very interested in what kind of legal form
an american based foundation is and what it needs to stay a foundation?

> Again I think we are real lucky to find a publisher who will work with
> GPL and its another great thing for us all. 

As noted above, O'Reilly did so at least once too. Will be interesting to
see how things evolve in future...

Thanks and Regards,

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