[OWASP-GUIDE] Official OWASP Books - No Starch Press

Mark Curphey mark at curphey.com
Wed Jan 15 22:34:15 EST 2003

Ladies and Gents,

OWASP has been approached by the commissioning editors of No Starch
Press (www.nostarch.com) who are interested in publishing OWASP material
in book form. Initially the Guide and then possibly the Testing Project.
As you know all material is copyrighted to the Free Software Foundation
and GPL'd so they could actually do this anyway, so I am really glad
they would like to partner with us and become OWASP's official

Everyone who contributes will be clearly marked as official authors. No
Starch will pay a royalty of between 10 and 15% (to be finalized) to the
non-profit OWASP Foundation that I am going to be setting up. That will
pay for hosting, servers and moving forward give aways and maybe
conference travel for OWASP presenters. There will be a legal charter
governing what the OWASP foundation can and can't do. 

And best of all they will provide a professional editor, layout
specialist and graphics artist.

I think this is a great opportunity for us all to have our work shown in
the best light possible.

Rather than everyone say yes and acknowledge that this is a good idea
(although your more than welcome to do that, if anyone has concerns or
doesn't want to be included please let myself, Alex Russell and David
Endler know ASAP. We will probably remove and re-write your work so
everyones happy. 

And remember this is for the Guide only at this stage but likely to
include testing moving forward.

Again I think we are real lucky to find a publisher who will work with
GPL and its another great thing for us all. 


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