[OWASP-GUIDE] XML and WS Security

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Fri Jan 3 23:55:49 EST 2003

Thanks Adrian,

   It is moving along.  Looking forward to reading your chapters.


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So well

I hope you all had a very good new year!

In the last few hours I was actively writing on on that chapter about XML
and WebServices Security. While XMLEncryption and XMLSignature is quite
complete now and the ending sections about implementation and problems are
filling up quickly, I still need some work (examples) to do on XKMS, XACML
and XrML (And hope Abe is on good tracks for the SAML part).

Please have a look at that chapter and drop me your comments.


P.S. Mark, please update those tasks in the tasklist accordingly:

67502 - 60%
65748 - 60%

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