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Thu Feb 27 11:00:58 EST 2003

I have got to run (new baby) but check out dotnet module in owasp CVS

On Thu, 2003-02-27 at 01:24, Adrian Wiesmann wrote:
> Chris,
> I did some more research on .NET MVC Frameworks and had some very fine
> contacts concerning this theme. It looks as if there are no MVC Frameworks
> around, or at least I did not find them. MS did - as I was told - not
> implement the complete MVC but MV only for performance reasons...
> It seems as if the firms concerning MVC did implement their own thing but
> wont sell or release it for free. Which brings us back to the chapter of
> yours: I fear we will not be able to write much about MS .NET Framework
> and MVC into this chapter, for the reason that there is not much to write
> about. I could actually look up the MS papers if I can find the statement
> from above and then we could add this?
> What do you mean about this?
> To the rest of you OWASP'ers: It looks as if presenting the "Gang of Four"
> to MS based developers would be a need. What do you think? Could this be a
> part of this project?
> Regards,
> Adrian
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