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Yes, I was planning on using Struts as the prime example of an MVC-based web
app development framework, but I wanted to be able to cite other examples as
well, so as not to give the impression that you can only do MVC in Java.  I
have a personally bias towards Java because I like it and I know it, but the
Guide coverage should be as broad as possible.

Let's chat off list about PHP, ASP, and other examples, I'd love to hear


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> Good Morning List
> > Does anyone out there
> > have both knowledge of the MVC design pattern, as well as experience in
> > implementing web apps using that pattern in something other than Java?
> Yes. ASP, PHP and other languages as well. Page me if you need some
> assistance...
> Oh btw: Do you write about Struts?
> Regards,
> Adrian
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