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I wouldn't have received a day off for Presidents day, but Mother Nature has
obliged us with 2 feet of snow, so I'll have some extra time.  I anticipate
having no problems finishing the Java language stuff and the MVC section.
I'll probably also take a stab at the J2EE stuff as well.

I wanted to ask folks on the list for some assitance, though.  My web app
experience is almost entirely in Java, so the MVC section is focused
primarily on JSP and servlets (at the moment).  Does anyone out there have
both knowledge of the MVC design pattern, as well as experience in
implementing web apps using that pattern in something other than Java?  I
know it ought to be able to be done, e.g. using ASP with COM objects, etc.,
but since I don't have any experience in those platforms, I don't know
enough to be able to put together any examples.  Any assistance would be
appreciated, because I don't want to give Guide readers the impression that
Java is the only web app development language capable of using the MVC
pattern cleanly.


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> Hi Guys,
> I will be using presidents day to get my tasks completed and in the CVS
> by Tuesday. We all set our selves the end of Feb for this round of
> updates.
> I know quite a few great additions are already in but quite a few
> aren't. If anyone is going to miss the deadline, please let us know as
> early as possible so we can re-allocate.
> We have now spoken to No Starch Press (www.nostarch.com)at length. I am
> really happy that this will be good thing for us all and they will be a
> great partner to work with. Every author will be clearly named. All
> proceeds will be placed into the OWASP Foundation apart from $5k USD
> (which is needed to get backup servers and permanent hosting in place)
> All the proceeds will be split on a "number of pages authored" basis to
> be put towards travel to an OWASP meeting later this year. We will work
> out the details of that in a few weeks.
> The process is for the completed draft to be sent to the publishers for
> editing by the end of March. They will work on the graphics and language
> changes and we will of course inherit the changes. If you are doing
> graphics or need graphics you can describe them in words or with
> sketches for the publishers. Just worth a mention is that the fact we
> have a publisher doesn't mean we can slip on quality and we do need to
> ensure the first submitted draft to No Starch reads well and is accurate
> We of course have March to do this QA. They expect to be able to turn
> around the book and get it into the shops in less than 12 weeks !
> Take care.
> Mark
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