[OWASP-GUIDE] OpenOffice format for The Guide?

Christopher Todd chris at christophertodd.com
Thu Oct 31 23:43:16 EST 2002

Sounds like a great idea to me.  I have OpenOffice installed, and I've been
meaning to take some more time to learn it - helping convert the guide into
OpenOffice format would be a good way to do that.


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> hey guys,
> I had some thoughts about future documentation development and management
> and wanted some feedback.  Currently in the Application Security Testing
> Framework project, we're using OpenOffice to distribute copies of a draft
> and letting each person make modification using the "track
> changes" feature.
> There is a relatively simple python script to convert from
> OpenOffice to XML
> Docbook (http://www.chez.com/ebellot/ooo2sdbk/).  This is easy for those
> contributors who aren't XML ninjas, and easy for me in visually
> tracking who
> made what changes to the Testing doc.  This is also nice in that
> this format
> can be saved to MS Word format, which can be easily pdf'd with fewer
> formatting issues when release time comes around.
> I like the idea of using OpenOffice in that it remains true to the open
> source spirit of OWASP, but is accessible to the less XML/CVS savvy
> contributorship.  What do you guys think of converting what we have now of
> The Guide from HTML format to OpenOffice, and using this as the
> main format
> from which to generate all others?
> -dave
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