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Tobias Glemser tobias.glemser at owasp.org
Tue May 8 07:57:38 UTC 2018

Hallo OWASP in Deutschland,

in Wien findet eine Konferenz "Android secdev" statt. Was die Veranstaltung
kann, weiß ich nicht. Den Gutschein für ein defdev training wollte ich
dennoch weiterleiten. Vielleicht ist es ja für den einen oder anderen im
Chapter interessant/relevant.



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From: Timur 'x' Khrotko [sm] <x at secmachine.com>
Date: Tue, May 8, 2018 at 1:01 AM
Subject: .de Fwd: defdeveu > owaspeu #Android #SecDev Vienna May31Jun1
To: Tobias Glemser <tobias.glemser at owasp.org>
Cc: Glenn ten Cate <glenntencate at gmail.com>

Tobias, hello, is there any interest in your chapter regarding the defdev
training in Vienna and the free offer?

The free attendance voucher for the German chapter is:
The discount coupon which should result in €700/pax: *vie18-de-jr9 *via:

The course description: https://defdev.eu/#course-android

Please note that it's not only an advanced Android secdev training, but
also a serious part of it is dedicated to security testing automation and
vulnerability management in the CI/CD pipeline of the mobile app
production, and Riccardo ten Cate introduces a complete working solution
for that.

Please contact me for more details!



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UPD: OWASP membership does not count in this promotion, it's up to the
chapter/leaders how to use this offer. Drop me a line if your chapter is
interested, I'll generate a per chapter free voucher and the discount
coupons at TicketTailor, then you can share the coupon code with your
chapter and pass the free voucher to the right person.

On 3 May 2018, at 16:20, Timur 'x' Khrotko [sm] <x at secmachine.com> wrote:

Dear OWASP chapter leaders in Europe!

I'm writing to you not as an owasper but a 3rd party in this case. Also
note that there is no co-marketing agreement between defdev.eu and the
OWASP HQ. So treat the below as a direct offer to your chapter.

I hope that the defdev Android secure development training/performance in
Vienna is an event that may be of value for some members of your chapter.
The offer is that each chapter can delegate one attendee for free. And all
the other chapter members can grab their Vienna training ticket for €700.

The mobile part of our course follows the OWASP Mobile ASVS sections, the
course is based on secdev modules tuned for advanced audience, and a
quarter of the course is dedicated to the security in the CI/CD pipeline of
mobile app production.

The key features of defdev format are: disruption free environment for
education, advanced and proficiency level content for senior and medior
level professionals, staged performance, two trainers on stage, 20-50
attendees, many hands-ons, code fixing, tabletop exercises, teamwork,
assistants helping students practice smoothly, 2-3 days duration. See also:
https://defdev.eu/#pitch ; https://defdev.eu/#course-android .

Let's harden apps by strengthening security skills and through adopting
practices that systematically reduce defects! :)

If your chapter uses the free ticket option we would appreciate if you
displayed defdev as any kind of chapter sponsor, but that's not a
condition, feel free to use the offer anyway. May the offered ticket price
be too high for specialists from your country, let me know.

Please contact me for the further details!

Timur Khrotko
lead producer of the defdev events
defdev.eu, secdev.eu, secmachine.net
+36309225777 <+36%2030%20922%205777>


secmachine․net #wepowersecdev


secmachine․net #wepowersecdev

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