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Happy New Year!
The next OWASP Karlruhe meetup is coming up! We meet next monday, January
the 8th at 7pm.

This time, we'll summarize our impressions from the 34th Chaos
Communication Congress. What better place to do that than the local CCC
Erfa, aka Entropia?

    Steinstraße 23 / Gewerbehof · Karlsruhe, Hinterhof. See description
under https://entropia.de/Anfahrt

If you've been there and liked a talk, bring it along and summarize it for
those who haven't been there! (Please let us know in advance which talk(s)
you'd like to present, so we can avoid collisions!)

As we'll have an English speaker amongst us, this meetup will be in English.

Afterwards, we'll go out for burger and beer (https://hansimglueck-

Besides mail, here are the usual ways to let us know who is coming:


Looking forward to seeing you,
Henrik and Rolf

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