[Owasp-germany] OWASP Cheat Sheet Workshop (resent)

Jan Wolff jan.wolff at owasp.org
Sat Sep 16 16:35:36 UTC 2017

This mail was sent to the cheat sheet list and several individuals 
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Hello everybody,

the OWASP Cheat Sheet Workshop Germany finally took place on 11th/12th 
of September close to Frankfurt.

The original idea was to get two groups together working on one topic 
each. We had less registrations as expected over the summer and, as was 
to be expected, lost some participants because of short-term 
obligations. We ended up with motivated group of five participants 
working on the REST Web Services and Denial of Service cheat sheets.

People were arriving on Sunday the 10th and we had a nice get together 
in the evening. On Monday, we kicked off the workshop with a remote call 
with Jim Manico who stayed up late for us in California (thx Jim!). The 
following two days were filled with brainstorming, discussions and 
editing... and good food and coffee as well.

Results (still in draft/review status)

Improving the existing cheat sheets sometimes meant removing content. We 
did not take those decisions lightly and want to encourage everyone to 
have a look/discuss/review what is there. If you do not agree with 
changes, please state your opinion and let us discuss on the mailing 
list to improve the material.

Big thanks to everyone who supported us and made this great experience 
possible: Jim Manico, Martin Knobloch, all the helpers from the German 
Chapter and especially Boris Hemkemeier, who had the idea and initiated 
the project.

Jan Wolff

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