[Owasp-germany] OWASP Academy-Portal Free Online Challenges

Martin Knobloch martin.knobloch at owasp.org
Sat Nov 19 13:18:59 EST 2011

The OWASP Academy-Portal is proud to announce the first free online
challenges are online via Hacking-Lab.com!****

** **

Hacking-Lab is supporting the OWASP mission and made their online training
environment available for  OWASP on free-to-use basis!****

The Hacking-Lab is not just a common "*hackme" *environment. The solutions
of the labs are evaluated by teachers. ****

It's not enough just to hack, explain what and how you have it done to
score the max points!****

** **

The Academy-Portal will make use of this services to validate the lessons
learned by the to be developed training blocks! ****

** **

As announced at the OWASP Germany Day, the first free online challenges are
available now!****

** **

You can log in and start with the free OWASP TopTen challenge via:****


** **

Cheers & happy hacking****

- The Academy-Portal Team –

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