[Owasp-germany] CFP for OWASP Conference at IT-SA Nürnberg

Cyrill Brunschwiler cbrunsch at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 16:11:22 EDT 2010

Hi Guys

Compass Security is hosting a commercial Application Security Training
at IT-SA. Since we are already there I could offer to give a free talk
on the OWASP conference on some topic. We would provide you with free
access to hands-on labs on the topic.

I'm actually an active and recognized member of the OWASP Switzerland
chapter and have already spoken on some topics there.

I suggest to give a talk on either of the following topics

XML Security
- Brief introduction in the use of web service In B2B environments
  and backend integration
- Brief introduction into XML, DTD and XML Schema
- Show attacks against XML generators and XML parsers.
- Presents how the xerces parsers can be hardened to prevent of attacks
- I will talk about XEE xml external entity attacks and flavors of it
- You will get an idea of XML DoS attacks
- Free Hands-on labs include excercises for...
  - XML Injection
  - XML URL enumeration
  - XML directore traversal
  - XML port scanning
  - All of'em are XXE
- I will not talk about XML security standards and protocols (e.g. SAML)

JSON Hijacking and Cross-site Request Forgery a.k.a. XSRF
- Brief introduction to XHR/JSON/AJAX
- Brief introduction to the Same Origin Policy
- Demonstration on how to exploit the vulnerabilities
- Discussion on the mitigation
- Free Hands-on labs include excercises for...
  - JSON hijacking
  - XSRF
- I will not talk about the JSON Standard
- I will not talk about the HTTP RFC

For those who are keen on the hands-on. As already mentioned I'll
provide access to the Compass learning environment for those who are
interested in practical exploitation of the issues.

Let me know what you think, guys. 


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