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Fri Jan 16 11:46:34 UTC 2015

Awesome! Thank you all for the great feedback - I have passed it all onto
my family member!

On Thu, Jan 15, 2015 at 5:00 PM, Mansuy Dejean <mansuy.dejean at gmail.com>

> Ryan, here is the advices from a very good friend of mine who actually
> works for 15 years in IT security (see below).
> Regards
> Mansuy
> --- response from my friend, manu ---
> As far as I know, there is currently no (good) French school or university
> purely dedicated to security. A few private institutes have specific
> curriculums, but I would not recommend them.
> I think the best option right now for a 17 year-old is to start with a
> scientific education, preferably one focused on IT and engineering. He will
> not learn everything at school, but it often helps. The curriculum should
> at least introduce network concepts, low-level programming, and
> electronics. Other important topics include English (hopefully not a
> problem here) and “Culture Générale”. I know of a few decent places: EPITA
> <http://www.epita.fr/>, Centrale Lyon <http://www.ec-lyon.fr/>, UTC
> <http://www.utc.fr/>/UTBM <http://www.utbm.fr/>, ENSIMAG Grenoble
> <http://ensimag.grenoble-inp.fr/>.
> Now, while a good school/university can certainly help, there’s a lot that
> he can do on his own to become a security professional. Call me old
> fashioned but learning C should be a priority at this stage; it really
> helps a lot to understand how the system works, and that's still one of the
> most common language used for advanced exploitation. Strong skills in
> low-level programming are also essential if he's ever gonna try his hands
> at reverse engineering, one of the most challenging and interesting task
> for a security professional.
> He should develop a good understanding of how databases work and learn at
> least two web-related programming languages. I have to suggest PHP,
> unfortunately, since this is heavily used everywhere. A basic understanding
> of Java and/or .NET is also good to have. If he’s curious, he’ll probably
> play with a few JavaScript libraries and add a touch of ruby or python to
> that; then he’ll be well armed to face web app security J
> Learning and mastering UNIX is also a good idea. Most of the appliances on
> the market are running Linux or BSD, and there’s a vast amount of tools
> which only run on a Unix system.
> There are a few interesting magazines he can read. The one that comes to
> mind first is MISC <http://www.miscmag.com/>, but that may be a bit rough
> for beginners. He should try it and see if it works or not. There are also
> many web sites he can go through, I attached a small OPML file with some of
> the bloggers I read regularly. There are thousands of other great sites
> though, that’s only for reference. And let’s not forget about Twitter,
> where most of the good stuff is published first J. I’d recommend
> following these guys, and see where that leads: @pickpocket001, @i0n1c
> <https://twitter.com/i0n1c>, @agl__ <https://twitter.com/agl__>, @solardiz
> <https://twitter.com/solardiz>, @41414141 <https://twitter.com/41414141>,
> @taviso <https://twitter.com/taviso>, @jvanegue
> <https://twitter.com/jvanegue>, @4b5f5f4b <https://twitter.com/4b5f5f4b>,
> @hdmoore <https://twitter.com/hdmoore>, @travisgoodspeed
> <https://twitter.com/travisgoodspeed>, @alexsotirov
> <https://twitter.com/alexsotirov>, @0xcharlie
> <https://twitter.com/0xcharlie>.
> There, let me stop here before I bore you to death.
> HTH,
> --
> Mansuy DEJEAN
> www.mansuydejean.net
> On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 5:41 PM, Ryan Dewhurst <ryandewhurst at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> Bonjour,
>> I have a young (17) French family member who is interested in a career in
>> security.
>> If he was English and in the UK I would probably recommend the academic
>> route due to his age. (I know you don't *need* to have a formal education
>> to be in security, but this is something I'd recommend because of his age
>> and lack of experience)
>> A college course in IT to learn the basics of programming/networking and
>> then an undergraduate university course in an IT related topic, software
>> development, networking, or maybe even a security specific course. And then
>> move into an intership in a security related role after university.
>> I think because my experiences are UK based and all the resources that I
>> know of are in English my advice to him may not be that useful. I'm also
>> not familiar with the French educational system.
>> What advice would you give as French security professionals to a 17 year
>> old French boy who was interested in becoming a security professional?
>> What resources in French would you recommend for him to look at?
>> websites, podcasts, books, etc
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Ryan
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