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Mansuy Dejean mansuy.dejean at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 16:00:20 UTC 2015

Ryan, here is the advices from a very good friend of mine who actually
works for 15 years in IT security (see below).

--- response from my friend, manu ---

As far as I know, there is currently no (good) French school or university
purely dedicated to security. A few private institutes have specific
curriculums, but I would not recommend them.

I think the best option right now for a 17 year-old is to start with a
scientific education, preferably one focused on IT and engineering. He will
not learn everything at school, but it often helps. The curriculum should
at least introduce network concepts, low-level programming, and
electronics. Other important topics include English (hopefully not a
problem here) and “Culture Générale”. I know of a few decent places: EPITA
<http://www.epita.fr/>, Centrale Lyon <http://www.ec-lyon.fr/>, UTC
<http://www.utc.fr/>/UTBM <http://www.utbm.fr/>, ENSIMAG Grenoble

Now, while a good school/university can certainly help, there’s a lot that
he can do on his own to become a security professional. Call me old
fashioned but learning C should be a priority at this stage; it really
helps a lot to understand how the system works, and that's still one of the
most common language used for advanced exploitation. Strong skills in
low-level programming are also essential if he's ever gonna try his hands
at reverse engineering, one of the most challenging and interesting task
for a security professional.

He should develop a good understanding of how databases work and learn at
least two web-related programming languages. I have to suggest PHP,
unfortunately, since this is heavily used everywhere. A basic understanding
of Java and/or .NET is also good to have. If he’s curious, he’ll probably
play with a few JavaScript libraries and add a touch of ruby or python to
that; then he’ll be well armed to face web app security J

Learning and mastering UNIX is also a good idea. Most of the appliances on
the market are running Linux or BSD, and there’s a vast amount of tools
which only run on a Unix system.

There are a few interesting magazines he can read. The one that comes to
mind first is MISC <http://www.miscmag.com/>, but that may be a bit rough
for beginners. He should try it and see if it works or not. There are also
many web sites he can go through, I attached a small OPML file with some of
the bloggers I read regularly. There are thousands of other great sites
though, that’s only for reference. And let’s not forget about Twitter,
where most of the good stuff is published first J. I’d recommend following
these guys, and see where that leads: @pickpocket001, @i0n1c
<https://twitter.com/i0n1c>, @agl__ <https://twitter.com/agl__>, @solardiz
<https://twitter.com/solardiz>, @41414141 <https://twitter.com/41414141>,
@taviso <https://twitter.com/taviso>, @jvanegue
<https://twitter.com/jvanegue>, @4b5f5f4b <https://twitter.com/4b5f5f4b>,
@hdmoore <https://twitter.com/hdmoore>, @travisgoodspeed
<https://twitter.com/travisgoodspeed>, @alexsotirov
<https://twitter.com/alexsotirov>, @0xcharlie

There, let me stop here before I bore you to death.



On Tue, Jan 6, 2015 at 5:41 PM, Ryan Dewhurst <ryandewhurst at gmail.com>

> Bonjour,
> I have a young (17) French family member who is interested in a career in
> security.
> If he was English and in the UK I would probably recommend the academic
> route due to his age. (I know you don't *need* to have a formal education
> to be in security, but this is something I'd recommend because of his age
> and lack of experience)
> A college course in IT to learn the basics of programming/networking and
> then an undergraduate university course in an IT related topic, software
> development, networking, or maybe even a security specific course. And then
> move into an intership in a security related role after university.
> I think because my experiences are UK based and all the resources that I
> know of are in English my advice to him may not be that useful. I'm also
> not familiar with the French educational system.
> What advice would you give as French security professionals to a 17 year
> old French boy who was interested in becoming a security professional?
> What resources in French would you recommend for him to look at? websites,
> podcasts, books, etc
> Thanks in advance,
> Ryan
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