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You can also take a look at ESIEA and IN'TECH INFO; ESIEA is an engineering school and IN'TECH INFO a computer science school (not engineer but recognized diploma) both are in five years and allow you to join a Specialized degree in security on a 6th year:

Hope it will help you.



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Dear Ryan,

Hope all is good.

I will add a new Computer Science School created by EPITA Alumnies and former EPITECH creators: 42

Take a look at their website: www.42.fr<http://www.42.fr>

This school is free if you pass the selection.

Best regards,

Antoine Laureau

On Wed, Jan 7, 2015 at 10:11 AM, Yves `M'vy` Stadler <yves.stadler at gmail.com<mailto:yves.stadler at gmail.com>> wrote:

There exists academic courses at some univeristy as well. As an
example, I followed a programming school (IUT) then proceed with wath
is now a Computer Science licence degree and master degree. The second
year of the master degree usually is more specialised toward a
speciality. Some universities have IT Sec courses  (e.g. university of
Lorraine) as a choice for these specialities. It usually something
along "SSI" (Sécurité des systèmes d'informations) terminology.

The ANSSI (http://www.ssi.gouv.fr/fr/anssi/formations/les-formations-de-specialistes-en-cybersecurite-en-france.html)
site has a good list of them.

As far as books are concerned, there are many subject that might be
interesting, from cryptography to security norms. Not sure there are
some "generalist" books, but I recently started looking into the
Ethical Hacker books and they seem interesting so far.

Best of luck to him.
Best regards


On 6 January 2015 at 17:41, Ryan Dewhurst <ryandewhurst at gmail.com<mailto:ryandewhurst at gmail.com>> wrote:
> Bonjour,
> I have a young (17) French family member who is interested in a career in
> security.
> If he was English and in the UK I would probably recommend the academic
> route due to his age. (I know you don't *need* to have a formal education to
> be in security, but this is something I'd recommend because of his age and
> lack of experience)
> A college course in IT to learn the basics of programming/networking and
> then an undergraduate university course in an IT related topic, software
> development, networking, or maybe even a security specific course. And then
> move into an intership in a security related role after university.
> I think because my experiences are UK based and all the resources that I
> know of are in English my advice to him may not be that useful. I'm also not
> familiar with the French educational system.
> What advice would you give as French security professionals to a 17 year old
> French boy who was interested in becoming a security professional?
> What resources in French would you recommend for him to look at? websites,
> podcasts, books, etc
> Thanks in advance,
> Ryan
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