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I have a young (17) French family member who is interested in a career in

If he was English and in the UK I would probably recommend the academic
route due to his age. (I know you don't *need* to have a formal education
to be in security, but this is something I'd recommend because of his age
and lack of experience)

A college course in IT to learn the basics of programming/networking and
then an undergraduate university course in an IT related topic, software
development, networking, or maybe even a security specific course. And then
move into an intership in a security related role after university.

I think because my experiences are UK based and all the resources that I
know of are in English my advice to him may not be that useful. I'm also
not familiar with the French educational system.

What advice would you give as French security professionals to a 17 year
old French boy who was interested in becoming a security professional?

What resources in French would you recommend for him to look at? websites,
podcasts, books, etc

Thanks in advance,
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