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Ludovic Petit ludovic.petit at owasp.org
Tue Sep 10 10:18:03 UTC 2013

Bonjour à tous,

Ci-dessous mon mail initialement posté dans la mailing-list Leaders OWASP.

Je suis actuellement candidat à l'élection des membres du Board de l'OWASP
Foundation, et espère modestement pouvoir initier une démarche que je
souhaite transparente et empreinte de cohérence au sein du Board, afin de
gagner en synergie avec les Chapters locaux à travers le monde, dont la
France bien évidemment.

Faîtes-vous entendre ;-)

Bonne journée à tous!

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From: Ludovic Petit <ludovic.petit at owasp.org>
Date: 10 September 2013 12:11
Subject: Connecto ergo sum
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Hi guys,

Well, just a ping from Paris about the current 2013 Board Election, as I
volunteer and I am candidate to the Board.
Sorry for spamming, it's for the good cause.

I'm just a guy passionate about Web application Security ... and good
sense! I am a modest Security Evangelist for roughly 20 years, OWASP
DNA'ed. In short/clear, I'm working at the 8th OSI Layer: on the Human

I am Chapter Leader and Founding Member OWASP France (2004), and Global
Connections Committee Member. A couple of contributions to OWASP Projects
over time: OWASP 2013 Strategic Goals (with Samantha Groves & Sarah Baso,
for the Board), 2013 Marketing Initiave (with Samantha Groves & Sarah
Baso), Translator of the OWASP Top Ten in French (All versions. Project
Lead), Application Security Guide For CISOs (with Marco Morana), OWASP
Mobile Security Project (with Jack Mannino), OWASP Cloud Top10 Project
(with Vinay Bensal), OWASP Secure Coding Practices - Quick Reference Guide
(with Keith Turpin. I helped also on request a couple of Chapters Leads
around the world needing to have inputs about how to deal with the
foundation and their respective ecosystem as well.

Apart of this, (here is the boring stuff ;-) I am Chief Security Officer
for a big firm. I'll let you check my bio here

*Why vote for me?*

*Because! ;-)* More seriously, I'm member of the OWASP since 2004, and I'm
actively contributing to the OWASP Top Ten Project as French translator
since the first version of 2004, as well as other stuff mentioned above.

As Chapter Leader OWASP France and Global Connections Committee Member, I'd
like to propose my background to continue helping the Foundation spread the
Voice of OWASP. I'm convinced the mix of profiles & backgrounds from Board
Members could enrich and enhance the way in which things could be done for
the Community.

My modest wish is trying to bring the great value-added of the knowledge
from the Board to local Chapters ecosystems, AND vice-versa! to streamline
knowledge, processes and awareness as much as I could.

I have no other wish but to serve the Community.

Well, that being said, if you wish a refreshing wind between the neurons,
don't hesitate to vote for me guys! I say what I do and I do what I say. I
am transparent... and French ;-)


Ludovic Petit
Chapter Leader OWASP France
Global Connections Committee Member

 +33 (0) 611 726 164
ludovic.petit at owasp.org
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