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Good stuff Ludovic. Thanks.

On Tue, Oct 23, 2012 at 5:57 PM, Ludovic Petit <ludovic.petit at owasp.org>wrote:

> Hi Owaspers,
> Here is just for information the slides of a presentation I gave in Sept
> for a big Software maker in an internal meeting (the name has been
> anonymized on request).
> Available on the wiki, OWASP France page:
> Looking Forward… and Beyond - Distinctiveness Through Security Excellence<https://www.owasp.org/images/5/50/Looking_Forward%E2%80%A6_and_Beyond.pptx>
> Of course most of you guys already know the stuff, but this presentation
> has been structured and aims to be re-used at your convenience depending
> the needs / your context.
> Teamwork rules at OWASP ;-)
> Designed into 3 parts, this presentation is in fact a good introduction
> both about the Foundation and a topic of your choice, and as such could
> also be useful for local Chapters (I was often asked, especially for new
> Chapters around the world), any Security Awareness purposes or when talking
> memberships for joining OWASP.
> The first 2 parts are more an update for those who are not yet familiar
> with OWASP, the third part being more specific because about a hot topic
> that is gaining importance in the context of Application Security.
>    1. 1st part is about OWASP.
>    2. 2nd part is an update about the main OWASP Projects and Reboot.
>    3. 3rd part is about Legal: evolution of the legal framework, with a
>    focus on the question "Developers, Software makers held liable for code?"
> Although generic, this 3rd part is also easily adaptable to your local
> context/framework, reason why I initially choose to structure the slide
> deck as such.
> Feel free to ping me (off, in order to avoid spamming the list:) if needed
> and if you wish to discuss/clarify a point.
> Last but not least, I was challenged by the Software maker's
> engineers during the talk (great exchange), and according the feedback I
> have had afterwards, the session was rated good to excellent by over 90% of
> the attendees, a majority who commented that it is always good to hear from
> an external speaker.  Also several commented that "this was new information
> and so good to broaden knowledge in this area".
> In a nutshell and to keep it simple, the potential of interest is real and
> quite present for such a presentation.
> I hope this helps anyway.
> Enjoy!
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