[Owasp-france] Looking Forward… and Beyond - Distinctiveness Through Security Excellence

Ludovic Petit ludovic.petit at owasp.org
Tue Oct 23 15:57:05 UTC 2012

Hi Owaspers,

Here is just for information the slides of a presentation I gave in Sept
for a big Software maker in an internal meeting (the name has been
anonymized on request).

Available on the wiki, OWASP France page:
Looking Forward… and Beyond - Distinctiveness Through Security

Of course most of you guys already know the stuff, but this presentation
has been structured and aims to be re-used at your convenience depending
the needs / your context.
Teamwork rules at OWASP ;-)

Designed into 3 parts, this presentation is in fact a good introduction
both about the Foundation and a topic of your choice, and as such could
also be useful for local Chapters (I was often asked, especially for new
Chapters around the world), any Security Awareness purposes or when talking
memberships for joining OWASP.

The first 2 parts are more an update for those who are not yet familiar
with OWASP, the third part being more specific because about a hot topic
that is gaining importance in the context of Application Security.

   1. 1st part is about OWASP.
   2. 2nd part is an update about the main OWASP Projects and Reboot.
   3. 3rd part is about Legal: evolution of the legal framework, with a
   focus on the question "Developers, Software makers held liable for code?"

Although generic, this 3rd part is also easily adaptable to your local
context/framework, reason why I initially choose to structure the slide
deck as such.

Feel free to ping me (off, in order to avoid spamming the list:) if needed
and if you wish to discuss/clarify a point.

Last but not least, I was challenged by the Software maker's
engineers during the talk (great exchange), and according the feedback I
have had afterwards, the session was rated good to excellent by over 90% of
the attendees, a majority who commented that it is always good to hear from
an external speaker.  Also several commented that "this was new information
and so good to broaden knowledge in this area".

In a nutshell and to keep it simple, the potential of interest is real and
quite present for such a presentation.

I hope this helps anyway.


Ludovic Petit
Chapter Leader OWASP France
Global Connections Committee

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