[Owasp-france] Rappel - Prochain Meeting OWASP France - 24 Mai 2011

Sebastien Gioria sebastien.gioria at owasp.org
Tue May 17 15:37:11 EDT 2011

Le prochain meeting OWASP aura lieu la semaine prochaine 24 Mai 2011  dans les locaux du Groupe Y - 69 Rue de la boétie - 2eme Etage, 75008 Paris à partir de 18h.

Attention, le nombre de places est limitée !! merci donc de vous inscrire sur regonline avant !


Au programme, une ou deux présentations : 

Présentation 1 par Jim Manico (en anglais) : 

Abstract Title: "The Ghost of XSS Past, Present and Future. A Defensive Tale."
Description: This talk will discuss the past methods used for XSS defense that were only partially effective. Learning from these lessons, will will also discuss present day defensive methodologies that are effective, but place an undue burden on the developer. We will then finish with a discussion of future XSS defense mythologies that shift the burden of XSS defense from the developer to various frameworks.
These include auto-escaping template technologies, browser-based defenses such as Content Security Policy, and Javascript sandboxes such as the Google CAJA project and JSReg.
Jim Manico is a managing partner of Infrared Security with over 15 years of professional web development experience. Jim is also the chair of the OWASP connections committee, one of the project managers of the OWASP ESAPI project, a participant and manager of the OWASP Cheatsheet series, the producer and host of the OWASP Podcast Series, 
the manager of the OWASP Java HTML Sanitizer project and the manager of the OWASP Java Encoder project. When not OWASP'ing, Jim lives on of island of Kauai with his lovely wife Tracey.

Présentation 2 : (non encore déterminée, si vous avez des propositions, envoyez nous un mail à sebastien.gioria_at_owasp.org et ludovic.petit_at_owasp.org)

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