[Owasp-france] Fwd: [Owasp-wash_dc_va] OWASP ASVS Beta -- Request for Comments as Input to Release draft

Romain Gaucher romain.gaucher at owasp.fr
Wed Jan 14 21:53:28 EST 2009

Les auteurs de OWASP ASVS (Standard de verification d'application web
par OWASP) recherchent des personnes pour commenter sur la version
Si vous etes interesses pour participer a la review; le document
principal est ici:

Et vous pouvez les commentaires directement a
  Mike Boberski <mike.boberski at cox.net>


-- Romain

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Folks, OWASP ASVS is currently in Beta, as some of you may be aware.

The ASVS team is looking specific comments as input to creating the Release
draft. The goal is to produce something that is useful for your own

The target date to collect comments by is the end of January. Please provide
comments in the form of Word track changes and Word comments, and return
them directly to me.

You can download a copy of the Beta in Word format from the project page:


OWASP Application Security Verification Standard Team

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