[Owasp-france] Fwd: OWASP BBQ @ HAR2009?

Nicob nicob at nicob.net
Thu Aug 6 13:01:55 EDT 2009

Le jeudi 06 août 2009 à 15:02 +0200, Ralf Reinhardt a écrit :
> Hi folks,
> critical mass is reached, we will do a little OWASP gathering at HAR
> 2009 :-) Please have a look at
> <https://wiki.har2009.org/page/Category:OWASP>
> for further details and sign-in.
> - We need a location ("Somewhere over the HARbow...") and a timeslot -
> ideas in discussion please.
> - We need some gas driven BBQ equipment, if we want to eat some decent
> amounts of grilled meat. I guess we will be finally about 12 persons,
> so we need at least 3 devices. Who is able to bring such a thing
> including a gas bottle? If we fail to organize this, we could still do
> the booze-up and / or ask the guys from the BBQ-Village ;-)
> - If we have the infrastructure, we need the content, e.g. meat, beef,
> sausages, vegetables (hmm?), beer. Does anybody know the location /
> the next super market?
> - If we have no infrastructure, we still need some content, e.g. beer,
> beer and maybe some beer (if someone likes beer, that probably as
> well).
> Best regards, hope to see you all at HAR,
> Ralf
> BTW. Spread the word to every member of OWASP who might be at HAR.

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