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Final reminder about our meeting today. See you all there!

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> *Wednesday, March 18, 2015 - 5:30pm - South Florida OWASP Meeting – 2
> great talks and networking after*
> This is the first meeting for 2015! We have an excellent line up of
> speakers, topics, and networking scheduled for you so plan ahead and mark
> your calendars!
> *Talk 1: Application Security - A fresh perspective*
> Breaches are in the news as never before and it is clear that application
> security is falling behind. Different technologies are being introduced and
> application security does not appear to be keeping up with these changes.
> In this talk we will discuss some different approaches that have been
> successfully employed by several leading technology organizations. These
> include creating attack aware applications using application sensors,
> continuous deployment and the advantages of bug bounty programs.
> *Bio: Rohini Sulatycki*
> Rohini Sulatycki is a Senior Security Consultant within the Application
> Security practice at Trustwave's SpiderLabs. Rohini has been involved in
> the Information Technology industry for more than 16 years. Rohini
> specializes in application security testing, code reviews and secure
> software development conducting a large number of application,
> virtualization, mobile and external network tests in her capacity at
> Trustwave. She has also conducted Secure Development Training classes for
> clients worldwide. She has strong foundations in software engineering,
> design and architecture and implementing enterprise applications. Rohini
> has a background implementing and reviewing all types of applications, from
> traditional client/server applications to web applications and web
> services. Rohini has served as the president of the Kansas City OWASP
> chapter and a member of the High Technology Crime Investigation Association
> (HTCIA) and is the current co-chair of the South Florida OWASP chapter. She
> has been a technical reviewer for several books and publications including
> Java Security and IEEE Security and Privacy. She has also presented at
> various industry events including Black Hat and OWASP FROC.
> *Talk 2: Crypto: Doing it wrong*
> Cryptography is a dark art to many developers. Errors in implementations
> can appear. This talk is design to highlight the last few implementation
> flaws and how attackers can abuse them.
> *Bio: Moses Hernandez*
> My name is Moses Hernandez. I’ve been in the Information Security
> ‘industry’ professionally since the late 90′s. Having worked in and around
> the industry for as long as I have, you get to wear many hats and see many
> things. From Network Engineering and Architecture and also getting involved
> in Software, Applications, Development and other aspects of computer
> science I have no business being in. He has worked for SANS as a Instructor
> for their Penetration Testing Courses as well as worked for at an Architect
> Capacity for many years. He is currently employed with Cisco Systems. If
> you want to talk about the intricacies of building scalable networks or get
> down in debugging software we can have both conversations comfortably. But
> you know what really gets me going? People, Companies, Software, and our
> community.
> Facility Location:
> NOVA SOUTHEASTERN UNIVERSITY Carl DeSantis Building, Main Davie Campus
> Dean Conference Room 4030 (4th floor) 3301 College Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL
> 33314-7796
> Phone: 800-541-NOVA (6682)
> FREE CPE CREDITS! Did you know you earn 2 CPE credits for attending an
> OWASP Meeting? It's true! Join us to feed your certs
> Best regards,
> Rohini Sulatycki | *Senior Security Consultant*
> OWASP South Florida Chapter co-chair
> email: rohini_sulatycki at yahoo.com
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