[Owasp-SFL] Thursday. February 23, 2012 - 5:00pm - South Florida OWASP Meeting - Two great talks and networking after

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> Final reminder about the meeting today. We will also have some exciting
> announcements today including your chance to get discounts on some security
> conferences.
> *Thursday. February 23, 2012 - 5:00pm - South Florida OWASP Meeting - Two
>> great talks and networking after*
>> Join us for our February meeting where in alignment with our previous
>> announcement, we will have two great talks. Please note that food and
>> drink after the meeting will also be sponsored by WhiteHat.
> *Talk 1:Holiday Downtime, It wasn't just you!*
> During the holiday season, two researchers in Germany introduced the world
> to a severe denials of service attack during the 28th Chaos Computer
> Congress in Berlin on December 28, 2011.  This vulnerability affects most
> web application platforms including ASP.NET <http://asp.net/>, Java, and
> PHP to name a few.  In this presentation, Chris will discuss and demo a
> working proof of concept of this DoS attack.
> *Presenter Bio:*
> Christopher Zavala is a native of South Florida and is currently a Web App
> Pen Tester for Citigroup.  A graduate of FIU and as an employee from small
> business’ to Large corporations; he is very diverse in both his technical
> and business mindset.
> *Talk 2: Future of Cross Site Scripting defenses*
> This talk will discuss the past methods used for cross-site scripting
> (XSS) defense that were only partially effective. Learning from these
> lessons, we will also discuss present day defensive methodologies that are
> effective, but place an undue burden on the developer. We will then finish
> with a discussion of future XSS defense mythologies that shift the burden
> of XSS defense from the developer to various frameworks. These include
> auto-escaping template technologies, browser-based defenses such as Content
> Security Policy, and Javascript sandboxes such as the Google CAJA project
> and JSReg.
> *Presenter Bio*:
> Jim Manico is the VP of Security Architecture for WhiteHat Security, a web
> security firm.  Jim is a participant and project manager of the OWASP
> Developer Cheatsheet series. He is also the producer and host of the OWASP
> Podcast Series.
> Facility Location:
>> Carl DeSantis Building, Main Davie Campus
>> Room 1053/ 1054
>> 3301 College Ave Fort Lauderdale, FL 33314-7796
>>  Phone: 800-541-NOVA (6682)
>> FREE CPE CREDITS! Did you know you earn 2 CPE credits for attending an
>> OWASP Meeting? It's true! Join us to feed your certs.
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