[Owasp-SFL] March 17 - South Florida OWASP Meeting - Teaming up ISSA, Symantec, and Barracuda in Boca

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*South Florida OWASP is teaming up with South Florida ISSA to bring you a
very special St. Patricks Day meeting. There will be an after-party
sponsored by Barracuda in Boca.*

We will have two great talks: Edward Bonver from Symantec will speak on *Threat
Modeling* followed by Grant Murphy from Barracuda presenting their latest
research: *The State of Web Application Security.*

This meeting will be held from 3:30pm - 5:30pm at NCCI Holdings, Inc in Boca
Raton and the party, sponsored by Barracuda, will be at the Dubliner.
* *
*N**CCI Holdings*
901 Peninsula Corporate Cir
Boca Raton, FL 33487-1362
* *
435 Plaza Real
Boca Raton, FL

* *

*Talk: Threat Modeling*

Threat Modeling is one of the most important security activities that a
development/QA team needs to perform as part of a Security Development
Lifecycle. This activity allows the team to build a complete security
profile of the system being built. Threat Modeling is not always easy to get
going for a team that has little or no security experience. In this
presentation we'll take a look at why Threat Modeling is so important; we'll
explore the process behind it, and how the process is being implemented and
followed across Symantec.

* *

*Bio: Edward Bonver - Software Engineer, Symantec*

Edward Bonver is a principal software engineer on the product security team
under the Office of the CTO at Symantec Corporation.  In this capacity,
Edward is responsible for working with software developers and quality
assurance (QA) professionals across Symantec to continuously enhance the
company's software security practices through the adoption of methodologies,
procedures and tools for secure coding and security testing.  Within
Symantec, Edward teaches secure coding and security testing classes for
Symantec engineers, and also leads the company's QA Security Task Force,
which he founded.  Prior to joining Symantec, Edward held software
engineering and QA roles at Digital Equipment Corporation, Nbase and Zuma
Networks. Edward is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional
(CISSP) and a Certified Secure Software Lifecycle Professional (CSSLP).  He
holds a master's degree in computer science from California State
University, Northridge, and a bachelor's degree in computer science from
Rochester Institute of Technology. Edward is a Ph.D. student at NOVA
Southeastern University.

* *

*Talk: The State of Web Application Security*

It's no secret that more and more commerce is being conducted via Web
applications. Web-based applications are convenient for consumers and allow
vendors to get applications online quickly to reach those consumers. This
trend has also created a variety of privacy and security concerns that
affect all companies transacting business over the Web.  Recently, Barracuda
networks co-sponsored a research study conducted by the Ponemon Institute
titled "The State of Web Application Security" that revealed that these
concerns are keenly felt by web application administrators.  However, a
major disconnect exists as appropriate countermeasures to these threats are
either ineffective or completely non-existent.  Join us for an informative
seminar to learn:

   - More about our revealing research,
   - Why Web applications are under attack,
   - What hackers are doing to compromise Web applications
   - How to mitigate this risk.

*Bio: Grant Murphy, Vice President of Enterprise Solutions, Barracuda
Networks** *

Grant Murphy is Vice President of Enterprise Solutions managing worldwide
sales for the Barracuda Web Application Firewall and the Web Filtering
products at Barracuda Networks. Murphy brings significant experience in the
Web proxy/cache market and how these technologies can be used to secure
employee's Internet Access as well as the sites they are accessing.  He has
been a frequent speaker at many security industry events worldwide over the
past four years.  Prior to joining Barracuda, he was responsible for sales
of McAfee's Web and Email filtering products.   Murphy earned his CISSP
accreditation in March of 2006.

* *


Seating is limited so you must pre-register for the event.  You can
pre-register for the event

* *

*FREE CPE CREDITS! *Did you know you earn *2 CPE* credits for attending an
ISSA Meeting?  If you are a CISSP and you provide your CISSP number at
registration, we will submit your CPE credits automatically for you.
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