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Hello everyone,

The local South Florida ISSA chapter will be holding their meeting this
week, check out their press release below for details! Be sure to support
your local information security community!


The South Florida ISSA March 2010 meeting will be held on March 18, 2010
from 3:30pm - 5:30pm at NCCI Holdings, Inc in Boca Raton, FL.

We have two great talks scheduled! First, Andy Moore from McAfee will
present on "*The Changing Landscape of Vulnerability Management*" a
discussion of the history and current trends of vulnerability management and
how to be successful with a vulnerability management program. Then Alexander
Heid & Peter Greko will present the *UnderGround Tool Talk.*

*Please register for this

*The Changing Landscape of Vulnerability Management:*

This presentation will discuss the following topics in regard to
Vulnerability Management:

   - A history of tools and technologies
   - Current market adoption
   - The secrets for success with Vulnerability Management - What is needed
   to address today's threats?
   - Where is the market headed?  And, why?

Andy Moore brings over 20 years of technology and industry expertise to
McAfee and the past 14 in the Information Security/Risk Management space.
In 2007 he was promoted to manage McAfee’s line of Risk & Compliance
solutions due to his extensive industry understanding and experience.  He
helps to connect the needs of Enterprise customers, with that of McAfee’s
Product Management teams to ensure delivery of intelligent security
solutions that help customers optimize compliance. Andy has proven
experience in building long-term relationships with Enterprise customers,
develops a keen understanding of their key requirements and business
drivers, and helping seek viable solutions.

Prior to the PLE role, Andy managed McAfee’s GHE (Government, Healthcare,
and Education) Enterprise sales team.  In this capacity he helped grow
revenues, earn key noteworthy wins, and establish and strengthen McAfee’s
market presence in these increasing regulated business sectors.  Andy joined
McAfee via the Foundstone acquisition in October 2004.

 *UnderGround Tool Talk:*

The guys from HackMiami are back again and will present on the methods of
password cracking, the tools used to carry it out, and ways to mitigate the
threat. We will touch upon online cracking, offline cracking, rainbow
tables, fuzzing, wordlists, salts, hashes, and more!

They will also have a few systems with various tools running on them (wifi
cracking and offline hash cracking).
Alexander Heid is a local security researcher, vulnerability analyst, and a
board member of South Florida OWASP and HackMiami. Peter Greko is also a
local security researcher, application analyst, and board member of
HackMiami. They both specialize in web application security for a Fortune 20

*FREE CPE CREDITS! Did you know you earn 2 CPE credits for attending an ISSA
Meeting?  If you provide your CISSP Number at registration, South Florida,
ISSA will process the credits for you automatically.
*This event will be held at:** **NCCI Holdings, Inc.*

*901 Peninsula Corporate Circle, Boca Raton, FL 33487*

****Note: The facility has protected parking so when you arrive go to the
main entrance and let the Guard know you are here for the ISSA meeting and
you will be let in.*
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