[OWASP-FILTERS] Re: license for filters?

Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Thu Oct 31 05:49:28 EST 2002


> I find closed-source code distasteful as well, but right now I think the
> value in making the Filters project the defacto way of scrubbing data takes
> higher priority than our qualms with some portion of the developer
> community. LGPL might solve both of our issues by requiring that object
> code for the LGPL'd code have source provided with it. Just a thought.
Yep... After a more exact study of the LGPL and it's implications I agree with

> I'm not cutting off the discussion (or, rather, I don't mean to be),
Ok... Sorry that I misconstrued that. 

> The whole OWASP community need not be involved in such a
> discussion (unless of course they want to be).

> Apologies if I was curt or unclear.
Never mind, only the formulation "a vote is not necessary" bothered me a bit,
maybe just a wording issue. :o)

Anyway, I highly agree that we should make discussions short that are 
cumbersome for an efficient proceeding of our projects.

Kind regards


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