[OWASP-FILTERS] Re: license for filters?

Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Thu Oct 31 02:04:59 EST 2002

On Wednesday 30 October 2002 17:15, Ingo Struck wrote:
> My (personal) intention is definitely *not* to raise "everyone's boat",
> since I do not feel obliged to support people who potentially work
> against one of my main goals (propagation of *open* source software).

I've discussed with Mark the possiblity of a dual-licensing arrangement for 
the filters. I'd also preferr a full-on GPL version, but in order to gain 
wide acceptance, I think we also need to allow more restrictive uses of the 

I find closed-source code distasteful as well, but right now I think the 
value in making the Filters project the defacto way of scrubbing data takes 
higher priority than our qualms with some portion of the developer 
community. LGPL might solve both of our issues by requiring that object 
code for the LGPL'd code have source provided with it. Just a thought.

> Remember Mark's wise words from the WebScarab "Development Charter":
[ wisdom snipped ]
> I think these principles are reasonable and hold for the whole OWASP
> project.

We're talking about an exception to those principles because I feel they 
don't serve the goals of our particular project adequately, hence the 
discussion. I'm not sure whether or not you were involved in the 
discussions leading up to the adoption of the GPL as our primary license, 
but we choose it because it most closely matched our goals (as a 
meta-project) with the rights it provides. In this case, it doesn't work so 
well, so we're exploring other potential options.

> So you just can't cut the discussion saying: "A vote is not necessary."
> Can you?

I'm not cutting off the discussion (or, rather, I don't mean to be), just 
trying to point out that in the general case the issue has been decided and 
so our discussion will revolve around a much smaller set of issues (namely, 
our code). The whole OWASP community need not be involved in such a 
discussion (unless of course they want to be). Seperately from this, a 
decision will be made, and we'll live with it, consensus or not. A stalled 
project helps no one, so this will be resolved quickly and we'll get back 
to work. 

Apologies if I was curt or unclear.


Alex Russell
alex at SecurePipe.com
alex at netWindows.org

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