[OWASP-FILTERS] Re: license for filters? / CALL FOR VOTE

Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Wed Oct 30 19:49:13 EST 2002

> I think this is a rather political question. :o)

that goes without saying. However, the practical necessities and the goals 
of the project trump politics here.

> If you are fed up with closed source software, then you should strictly
> adhere to the GPL (which is my personal favourite).

that's not a very strong reason.

> On the other hand you loose a large potential of "users" for your library
> if you forbid usage in a closed source environment.

which is a big strike against IMO. We're looking to raise everyone's boat 
here, not just people we happen to agree with on some licensing issues. The 
GNU project can afford that kind of devisiveness. I'm no so sure we can.

> The only question is: do we want to support such "potential users" or
> don't we. 

We (the filters project) do.

> IMHO the only way to answer your question is a vote of all active owasp
> contributors: strict GPL for everything or LGPL for libraries.

Licensing concerns were discussed by the various project leaders just over a 
month ago, and the GPL was settled on as a general rule. Licensing for 
filters is only an issue in that it presents an exception to that rule in 
order to meet our goals. A vote is not necessaray.

Alex Russell
alex at SecurePipe.com
alex at netWindows.org

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