[OWASP-FILTERS] Re: license for filters?

Alex Russell alex at netWindows.org
Wed Oct 30 18:56:48 EST 2002

FYI: I'm CCing the list on this now.

LGPL is probably a good choice for the filters, however we must reiterate to 
users of the library that if they choose to use it, they MUST provide 
access to the source of the library (not their own code) when they 
distribute it. Also, "static linking" or "compiling in" filters code under 
the LGPL would invoke the "viral" clauses, requiring that developers ship 
source with distributed copies of their own code. Therefore, developers 
will probably want to stick to dynamic linking (or inclusion in the case of 
interpreted languages) against the filters lib.

 Asside from these 2 minor caveats, LGPL seems a good fit. The LGPL can be 
viewed at:


Anyone else have thoughts on the topic?

On Wednesday 30 October 2002 16:21, you wrote:
> I am not sure to be honest. Does LGPL work ? Whats
> your recomendation ?
> ---- Alex Russell <alex at netWindows.org> wrote:
> > Hey Mark,
> >
> > stupid question, but are we going to use the GPL
> > for the filters? Use of the
> > filters in a peice of code is likely to
> > constitue "linking" and so could
> > get some potential users of the filters hot under
> > the collar. Where do we stand on this?

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