[OWASP-FILTERS] RE: [Owasp-input-api-developers] List Migration and 1st Implemenation Post

Christopher Todd chris at christophertodd.com
Tue Oct 29 22:52:39 EST 2002


OK, just to clarify, Alex's code posting will be re-sent?  I only ask
because the last couple of emails have been a bit confusing, and browsing
the new CVS tree suggests that only the OWASP Common Library repository has
been created.

Speaking of which, how will the new CVS repositories be setup?  A single
OWASP repository with a module for each sub-project (filters, webscarab,
guide, etc.)?  Just curious how we need to change our CVS client setups.


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> Subject: [Owasp-input-api-developers] List Migration and 1st
> Implemenation Post
> The new mailing list for filters is
> http://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/owasp-
> filters
> Please sign up.
> You may have noticed that Alex has sent an initial
> implementation in Java to the list for review. It
> didn't make it through as it was too big, Gabe is
> the old list admin (this list) and hes moving house
> and doesnt have admin password handy.
> The initial implementaion code will be checked into
> CVS soon. Again the main owasp project site is the
> only one we are going to use now. You've all been
> added.
> So to cut a long story short, please sign up to the
> new list, dont use this list anymore (be careful
> when reply to the last post)  and look for Alex's
> implementation code post !
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