David Raphael david.raphael at ceterum.net
Wed Nov 6 03:31:17 EST 2002

I just checked out the Filter code (java) earlier this wonderful November

I think that I would like to use this in conjunction with the
Java Servlet Filter API...What do you guys think?  I can implement some
generic Servlet Filters utilizing this code.  Additionally, there will
be some "custom" filters that will be used for the Portal.  The generic
Filters might be some good examples of how to use the code you guys are

This way we can use the filter during the Request/Response pipeline
processing. And we can chain filters (at least with Servlets ;) ).

Looks good so far!

Pls don't make me eat any dog food.  I promise I'll behave.

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> Hi Alex et all,
> Just checking in on Filters project. I know you guys have some initial
> code for Java, whats the plan next ?
> Are you going to take whats been done, refine it then port to
> Python, C,
> PHP and Perl (as per CVS).
> Do you plan to release a white-paper type thing explaining how to use
> Filters and why they were created or am I really jumping the gun ;-)
> I CC'd our portal developer David Raphael as I am very much hoping the
> OWASP portal can start eating our own dog food early on ;-)

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