[OWASP-FILTERS] Logging for filters ?

Ingo Struck ingo at ingostruck.de
Fri Nov 1 08:21:11 EST 2002


> It gets messy fast, and that's without log integrity and authenticity
> concerns thrown in. We will have to deal with these problems eventually,
> and it's the right thing to do. Question is, is it the right thing to do
> right now?
Good point. I think for the start the usual debug-logging to stderr should
suffice. If somebody is interested in a filelog, then he should just pipe it 
there. As for java, the ocl provides a simple logger capable of logging to a 
file or to stderr with four log levels (DBG,INF,WRN,ERR). It is optimized for
minimal synchronization, such that it should be nearly no harm to performance.

Kind regards


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