[Owasp-favicon-database] Favicon contributions from Twitter and two databases?

Vlatko Kosturjak kost at linux.hr
Sat Jan 9 05:06:31 EST 2010


This is actually first post to this list  :)

We have favicon contributions from Twitter (thanks @alech):

3541a8ed03d7a4911679009961a82675 status.net
fa2b274fab800af436ee688e97da4ac4 Etherpad
83245b21512cc0a0e7a67c72c3a3f501 OpenXPKI
2ab2aae806e8393b70970b2eaace82e0 Apache CouchDB 0.9.1
d41d8cd98f00b204e9800998ecf8427e Metasploit
9789c9ab400ea0b9ca8fcbd9952133bd TWiki
85138f44d577b03dfc738d3f27e04992 Gitweb
32bf63ac2d3cfe82425ce8836c9ce87c Ikiwiki

Anyone willing to verify them?

Another thing. what do you think in having two database releases:
- one with all favicon identified
- one with only most frequent favicons

explanation for the latter. Projects like nmap only want to have
most frequent, so maybe there is more projects which would like only
to have frequent ones?

Any opinions about this?

Thanks in advance,

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