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Of course it is. 
I'm saying most people, if they knew that this was going on, would choose not to use it because of the limited benefits it provides. It's possible that I'm wrong - I have no data to support that opinion. I just know lots of developers who generally like things to be really fast.


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The slowness is by design, intending to make it slower for someone with database access to brute-force the hash back to the password.
- Jim

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	The HashIterations value is a form of key strengthening [1]. Am I alone in thinking this value should be 1 (essentially off) by default? I'm not suggesting hashing is expensive as search, but I think people would not like the performance results of this feature. After all, it's intended to be slow. 
	[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Key_strengthening


	4. There's a HashIterations property key in ESAPI.properties. But this isn't used in org.owasp.esapi.reference.JavaEncyptor's hash method. Instead there's a hardcoded 1024.

	Good catch. This has been fixed so the hash iterations are configurable now.  Thanks!






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