Jim Manico jim.manico at owasp.org
Fri Dec 4 19:43:02 EST 2009


I'm around tonight - if I miss you for this release, I promise to
support a 1.4.2 release fairly soon. Otherwise, connect to me at my
gtalk address at jim at manico.net  and we can chat more.

- Jim

>> I'm getting ready to release ESAPI 1.4.1rc1 this week. My goals are  
>> minimal:
>> 1) Update Maven config to be inline with 2.0 (hence making it a LOT  
>> easier to set up and build)
>> 2) Fix the broken Oracle encoder
>> 3) Fix the Logging API
> ...
>> Any other thoughts or wishes for 1.4.2x and beyond?
> I'd really like to get the JSP stuff and the encoder fixes I've done
> migrated to 1.4 and I can work on it.
> One question I have though is if there is a target J2EE version for ESAPI
> 1.4. The reason I ask is to port the EL functions I need to upgrade the
> tld to JSP 2.0 which implies J2EE 1.4 and Servlet 2.4. Those were released
> in Nov 2003. Do we need backward compatibility to earlier versions?
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