[OWASP-ESAPI] Question about .NET ESAPI namespaces

Alex Smolen me at alexsmolen.com
Mon Aug 31 16:57:57 EDT 2009

I didn't move the reference implementation to its own namespace. I  
didn't exactly mirror the ESAPI Java implementation in other ways as  
well, but it's pretty close. The reason for this is that the .NET  
version mirrored the older Java version, and I never switched over to  
the new structure (partially because I couldn't see the reasoning  
behind the move)

I can't see anything wrong with the namespaces as is, other than they  
don't exactly match the Java version. Do you see something about the  
current .NET structure that will impede usage, or is it simply a  
syntatic/organizational thing?

On Aug 31, 2009, at 12:51 PM, Boberski, Michael [USA] wrote:

> Hi, quick question about the current .NET version of ESAPI.
> What was the rationale for not mirroring the Java package structure  
> in the .NET namespace structure? It's not immediately obvious to me  
> that it's a ".NET thing" that caused the change.
> A follow up question would be, let us say I decided to implement my  
> own .NET implementation. What should the namespace be, according to  
> the current conventions? Owasp.Esapi.MikeAndCo?
> Thanks in advance, and not criticism, just trying to understand the  
> implementation.
> Thanks,
> Mike B.
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