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Wed Aug 26 07:44:49 EDT 2009

lavakumar kuppan wrote:
> Hi All,
> Extending on what Jim had mentioned in his earlier mail I have a proposal
> for ESAPI Java and .NET.
> To provide anti-HPP(HTTP Parameter Pollution) support to ESAPI.
> HTTP Parameter Pollution depends on multiple request parameters having the
> same name.
> Its effect varies based on the platform:
> 1) Java:
>     Override other parameters and subsequently application logic
>     Refer slides 20,21,23,24 on
> http://www.owasp.org/images/b/ba/AppsecEU09_CarettoniDiPaola_v0.8.pdf
> 2) .NET:
>     Bypass Web Application firewalls
>     Refer http://lavakumar.com/modsecurity_hpp.txt
>     http://lavakumar.com/Split_and_Join.pdf
> Multiple parameters of the same name is supported by the web platform to
> accept multi-select input lists.
> But this feature is always turned on and even when a particular parameter is
> not using a 'multi-select input list' the web technology always treats it as
> one.
> This 'enabled by default' approach open up possibilities for abuse like the
> ones listed above.

While certainly we can and possibly even should handle this in ESAPI, I
think the probably place to handle this is to push the problem back upstream.
E.g., for Java, it should get pushed back to the Java Servlet container
and API spec. Made them aware of it and require that they specify some
correct and safe behavior rather than leaving to to those developing
Java servlet containers and J2EE apps, etc. Anyone know if this is being
done or have any contacts in that space?

I would think a similar thing could be done in the .NET space.


Kevin W. Wall
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