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This is great, thank you!

Do you have any way of recording this w/ decent quality? If so, I'll make this a podcast....

And I have nothing to add; you seem to grock ESAPI perfectly.

Thanks Neil, we need more ESAPI warriors like yourself. :)

- Jim
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  Hello All,

  I was planning on plugging ESAPI at a conference I'm organizing that takes place on 8/26 @ UC Irvine.  I was going to include a link to the project presentation during the opening presentation and hopefully place one page datasheet at check in booth.  Is there anything else anyone would like me to include?  And if you're in the southern California area, please do attend.  It's free (but parking isn't)!

  Event details:


  P.S. Jim - I'm also going to put in a plug to the OWASP podcasts :)


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