Nilesh Kumar (India) Nilesh.Kumar at sdgc.com
Thu Apr 2 05:54:06 EDT 2009

Hi Andrew,


         Thanks for replying!


I encountered a problem while using checkout. I think the URL for SVN
Checkout is wrong as it's not working.


The error was 'URL  http://owasp-esapi-php.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/
owasp-esapi-php-read-only  doesn't exist'


Please see the attached screenshot.





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Sorry I didn't see your post earlier, my wife has been hospital for a
number of days. 


The PHP project is in the earliest stages of development, and the
documentation on the site *accurately* reflects that. 


The best advice whilst it is in development is to check out the PHP
source code and run the test suite. That will give you a very accurate
picture of what is implemented and what is not implemented. It will
change on a weekly basis.  


I will bring the pages up to a bit better state soon (see Mike
Boberski's other message), but the project is still a good way from
being complete. YMMV





On 28/03/2009, at 4:14 AM, Boberski, Michael [USA] wrote:

Nilesh, let us give Andrew additional time to respond.


The OWASP versions of the ESAPI APIs are being worked on on a volunteer
basis and not in a commercial software development shop. Also, they are
not yet fully productized, in terms of packaging and distribution, but
all involved are working towards this end for each language.


This mail list, and periodically checking the ESAPI page will enable you
to keep track of progress.


Mike B.




From: Nilesh Kumar (India) 
Sent: Friday, March 27, 2009 6:39 PM
To: 'mike.boberski at gmail.com'


Hi Mike,


    Thanks for your reply, I have made all efforts to locate resources
for PHP ESAPI project but still I am unable to find anything useful.

 Even Google repository http://code.google.com/p/owasp-esapi-php/
doesn't provide anything. Nothing is listed there.

How can I get updated about the project done till date?






From: Mike Boberski [mailto:mike.boberski at cox.net] 
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Nilesh, please see the PHP tab of the main ESAPI project page. The draft
readme and draft release notes identify the functionality planned for
the first release, and has a link to the Google repository.

Andrew can provide further details and is leading the development


2009/3/27 Nilesh Kumar (India) <Nilesh.Kumar at sdgc.com>

Hi there!


   Could anybody  provide me  the information below...?





From: Nilesh Kumar (India) 
Sent: Thursday, March 26, 2009 3:31 PM
To: 'vanderaj at owasp.org'
Subject: PHP_ESAPI


Hi Andrew,


    I want to contribute towards PHP ESAPI project. Just wanted to know
about the project's status like,

what has been done so far?

what modules has been developed?

how can I access the resources like, documentation or source codes of
already developed modules?


Or I need to start form the scratch?


Please provide me complete roadmap of the project done till date and
provide me information how to start.


Waiting for your response!




Nilesh Kumar CEH ISMS LA

Security Specialist

Governance,Risk &  Compliance (GRC)


SDG Software India Pvt. Ltd. 
A-10, Sector 2,NOIDA 201301, (UP), INDIA 
Website: www.sdgc.com 

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