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If someone is able to read the ram on your java server, then they can get password information, all submit data as it comes in, everything. It's game over long before they steal your credit card info from your servers ram.

- Jim
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  In the web services we develop, we store credit-card information.

  Most people will use Strings to store credit-card info and store an encrypted version in the database.


  But Strings in Java are immutable and are not deleted by the garbage collection. (what's new)

  So the credit-card information is only removed from memory when the web service goes down:S


  This problem is easily solved by using a char array instead of a String.

  In .NET there is a SecureString object, which stores the string encrypted in memory.


  In my opinion is this feature missing from ESAPI.

  If I were to implement this feature, how can I contribute this to ESAPI?


  Please give me your ideas about this subject.





  Ron Lievens

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